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Europa Retreat Centre
11 Windmill Hill Road
Tel (350) 20049343
Fax (350) 20049342

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Welcome to the Europa Retreat Centre

Europa Retreat Centre - Outside The Europa Retreat Centre is located in the area known as Windmill Hill and to the south of Gibraltar, overlooking the Straits and northern Africa to the south and the bay of Gibraltar to the west. It was once the Sergeants' Mess during the time when the area was known as Lathbury Barracks and home to the resident battalion.

With 30 bedrooms including en-suite shower rooms and toilet facilities, wake up to a spectacular view of both the Straits and the bay of Gibraltar, where, on a clear day, it seems like north Africa and the Atlas Mountains can almost be touched.

The Europa Retreat Centre enjoys a large number of facilities such as a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining room that seats approximately 100 people, seminar / workrooms, and its own chapel. These facilities make it the ideal location for a wide variety of retreats, seminars and conferences.

The Centre is supported financially by the Government of Gibraltar. It is managed by a Board of Trustees all of whom are local people who, in turn, have delegated management of the facility to a Management Committee which is responsible for both the administration of the Centre and its maintenance. A full-time Manager looks after the needs of users and organises events in accordance with the requirements of different types of groups. All who have used and visited the Centre have remarked on the very high standard of interior decoration and maintenance. The bedrooms are all very comfortable and easily comparable with those of a good three star hotel. Users can expect the Centre to provide linen and towels as part of the fee. Electricity and water are also included. Use of the kitchen is arranged separately (see tariff). The tariff has been structured so that different types of groups, based on their nature and character, qualify for distinct levels of assistance with the cost of using the Centre. Please refer to the published tariff for more information.

Europa Retreat Centre - Seminar Room Facilities One of the main features of the Centre is a large seminar room which may be partitioned as groups require. In addition, there is a large and very comfortable chapel for use by all Christian groups to the rear of the main building. This leads on to an expansive patio area, the dramatic backdrop to which is the limestone of the Rock itself. The patio has been tastefully converted into a charming area for relaxation and open-air discussions in the privacy of a spectacular corner of the upper Rock. Inside the main building, there are eight break-out rooms which can be used for small group discussions or workshops.

The Centre has very modern equipment which may be used by all groups. This includes DVD and video projection in addition to large televisions for the use of both residents and speakers and an excellent hi-fi system. If you have any suggestions as to how we might improve the Centre, please contact us.

All enquiries for use of the Centre should be directed to the Manager, Mr. John Rodriguez on tel (350) 20049343 or