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Europa Retreat Centre
11 Windmill Hill Road
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Dear Friends,

The Europa Retreat Centre is a remarkable place. Located at Windmill Hill, on the southern upper slopes of the Rock of Gibraltar, it boasts fantastic views across the world famous Straits of Gibraltar, wonderful walks into the Nature Reserve, a very quiet and reserved location and superb facilities. It benefits from excellent Mediterranean weather and all-year round availability.

For years, Gibraltar suffered from the lack of a well-cared for, professionally-maintained retreat centre. The many religious, cultural, and sporting groups which conducted retreats and seminars either had to make do with small, cramped and uncomfortable locations which were difficult to access and had few facilities or visit somewhere similar in neighbouring Spain. Since the Centre was completed in 2003, there is nowhere like it for miles around that combines the standards of accommodation and facilities with such a unique and inspiring location.

Perched on a promontory that overlooks the Straits and the bay of Gibraltar, the Europa Retreat Centre also has views across to Africa and Spain. Whilst it is no more than a short drive into town, the vertical nature of much of the Rock's landscape means that the Centre itself feels almost remote, so tranquil is its environment. Anyone seeking to get away from it all and enjoy a time of peace and quiet or the opportunity for detailed reflection as part of a group will find a home at the Europa Retreat Centre.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Management Committee, I would like to extend the hand of friendship to all those who wish to use the Europa Retreat Centre and welcome you to our home. I hope that you will be blessed here, no matter what activity your group is here for, and that, whatever your objective, it will be accomplished in peace.

I pray that you will be the better for staying with us.

Warm greetings,

Robert Goldwin
Chairman of the Board of Trustees